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Full Version: Robbie takes the lead!
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You guys have some catching up to do! Mwhahahaha!

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lol I can start flooding this forum with random topics if you wish Smile
stop flooding the forum with random answers! Wink
I can break this...
Breaky breaky.

Whoops, did I just bump this thread AND win again?
I think Robbie has come to have too much spare time on his hands.
I'm too busy bumping threads to have any spare time!
I do believe a time ker-fuffle has been created. Where is Picard to investigate?
A bit late, but Picard told me he isn't going to investigate that again, he did already multiple times.
Unfortunatly, it's pretty boring, apparently, some guy also called Robbie has access to the server, and this coincidence makes keystrokes of Robbie travel faster than any other and may seem things a bit high.
Unfortunatly I didn't get an explanation why that would make a difference though.
I'm confused, but figured I'd bump this anyways! Wink Welcome to the forum Jot-yot!
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