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Full Version: Nagvis normal time and daylight saving times
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Hey Robbie,
I just notices that in Nagvis if I hover over a host that the time is incorrect, that is it's showing DST.
If I click on the host, the time is correct.

Hovering is actually showing DST rather than our Normal Time of EST or +10 GMT or so I think :-)
In Queensland we don't use DST.
However If I look at times for checks in Nagios Core, Adagios times are correct! That is EST.

Anyway, something very small but thought I would mention.

Nice catch, thanks Ron. I'll add it to the to do list. Not a huge priority, but I'll inevitably fix it  Smile

Hi Ron,
NEMS Linux 1.5 (and in fact any updated NEMS Linux 1.4.1 server) will now set the timezone correctly during nems-init. Please let me know if the problem is still experienced after you next initialize a NEMS server (eg., when 1.5 releases).

Seems OK Now.
I just checked by doing what I did before and times were correct.

As I said in the post on Mobile GUI I did a quickfix earlier this morning so it seems to have grabbed that too.
Excellent! Thanks for the update, Ron.