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Full Version: check_ping under NConf missing service parameters
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Under Advance service name PING, there is only -w ARG1 option for service parameters available. But in check_ping command, there is also a 2nd -c ARG2 and it is missing in NConf.
This is not a bug.

In your service parameters (when using check_ping) add -c <crta> if required. Alternatively, you can modify the provided sample (the one you are referring to) or create your own advanced service to suit your specific needs. I'd suggest against editing the sample data though unless you understand it - doing so can break some of the sample templates.
I just did a litter more checking. Come to found out before i do the restore of the backup.nems, there are 2 ARG field in check_ping service. But, after restoring the backup.nems, only ARG1 field is there. ARG2 field disappeared. My guest is my backup.nems is corrupted somehow. I will just rebuild a new copy from ground up. I only have a few devices to check anyway. Thanks for all you help.
Your backup always overrides the defaults. So if your backup contains only one arg, and the defaults contains two, your restored backup will only have one.

I'd be happy to review your support.nems file if you think it is a bug. Certainly if there's an issue, I'd be happy to fix it.

I wish I can send over the nems-support file. My password don't even work any more. I have already wiped the memory chip since then.
Okay. Well, let me know if you have any other trouble.
The issue as originally reported is fixed in NEMS 1.5.