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Full Version: Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs
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Veeam is one of the most popular backup software.
It would be very helpful if we could control the veeam backup. 
Whether it failed or was successful. 

I have a link where a suggestion would be how to implement that

or another idea..

would be nice if you could implement something of that !

Kind regards from switzerland

Levin | Premium
Thanks Levin,
I'm not sure if I can squeeze it in this late in the development cycle, but if I can get it into NEMS 1.5, I will. Otherwise, it's on the list for a future release.

Hallo Robbie. 
Hello Robbie Nice to hear you look at it. 
Would be cool if you get it in the 1.5.

Thank you for your work.
Dont forget the holidays Smile

I'm working hard this weekend so I can take next week slow and just enjoy some family time :)

Merry Christmas!
Hello Robbie

Do you know if it will be in release 1.5 ?

Greetings from Switzerland

Levin | Premium
Agree this would be really useful.
Hello Robbie

Did you already have time to look at it?
I would also like to support you if you say this would be a Patreon only update.

But first I wonder if it is possible and you want to implement it

Thanks you for your answer

Hi Premium,
Yes, this is possible. When I code this, the update would be available to all (not just Patrons), however I strongly do encourage you to consider supporting NEMS on Patreon - it's a sure-fire way to help fund the development of features like this and also ensures you receive priority support.

Please read this post from yesterday:

Hi Robbie
I'm a Patreon now and I hope you can invest it well.
I would like to support you not only with my money but also otherwise.
For example, in German translation for Nems or in HTML.

Just write me a message if I can help

You are doing a great job!

Levin | Premium
Thank you so much.

Hmm, translation would be very cool but would be a MASSIVE undertaking since NEMS is, at its heart, a lot of open source projects brought together into one distro. So translating the interface would mean translating many interfaces, all in different programming languages and so-on. I can't imagine how much work that would be.

Does Chrome's translate feature work reasonably well?

Perhaps open a new thread about it, or better yet jump on the Discord server to discuss.

Thanks again for your support!

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