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Full Version: Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs
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It looks like the plugins require PowerShell, which doesn't make me happy. Does Veeam require Windows or something? Or is it just that the check commands have been written by Windows users?

Curious if you've seen a good check command for Veeam that does not require the Microsoft PowerShell (which is hit-or-miss on SBC since their ARM support is lacking).

Hi Robbie

Yeah I understand

I think there are two ways.

1. SNMP Traps  [/url][url=]
2. Windows Event Logs Event ID  450

Do you have an idea what could work 

P.s Veeam is installed on a windows server and backs up the servers via the esxi.  It also monitors client backups

Levin | Premium
Hi Robbie

Could we try it with the Powershell?
We would be very grateful if we can monitor the backup.
If this does not work, unfortunately I have no support from the company for nems


Unfortunately, I have not heard anything from you Robbie
That's why we can not support nems anymore.

Maybe we'll hear something from Veeam Support in the future

Hey Premium,
Please use the support options provided to patrons for priority support, otherwise posting in the community forum is just that - while I try to pop on as often as possible, it is mostly run by the community.

I'm almost always available on Discord, and of course Patrons have access to the priority support.

Hello Robbie

I come back with the topic Smile
I don't quite understand why Powershell is the problem ..
Powershell is only required on Windows and not on the Nems server
A powershell script is executed via nrpe and then the output is sent via nrpe.
But yeah nrpe doesnt work so well.. access resrictions ports etc..

I have attached a picture with the output from the Powershell
Maybe you get an idea how to bring this output to Nems differently (via FTP?)

Edit: Attachment doesen work in this forum.
I Copied the output text:

exit $nagios_state

Backup Status - All  11 backups successful

or when i look directly in the Event Log from Windows (Event ID 190) (
VM *TASKNAME* task has finished with 'Success' state.

or this is maybe an idea..

I hope you can help me..

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