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Full Version: Mobile UI Acknowledgement Error Loading Page
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On an Android Nexus 10 Android version 5.1.1 to NEMS 1.4.1 on RPi 3B+

Using the Mobile UI I tapped on a device and tried to schedule a downtime (just for a test) and got "error loading page".
I tried on a different device and got the same error.

I can schedule down time using Nagios Core on my laptop no problems.

Ron T
Thanks Ron. I've added this to the to-do list, though it may or may not see its way into 1.5 before release. But it will be worked on soon.
Hi Ron,
Thanks again for reporting this issue. It has been fixed, and I'm pushing it out to all NEMS 1.4.1+ servers.

Thanks Robbie.

I did a nems-quickfix to get updates at 06:31am our time.
I then tested the Scheduled Outage and the "Error Loading Page" was gone and I was presented with 
I could not see a Start Time for outage, only an END TIME.  NO DATE!
Anyway I selected 08:00 as the end time.
I then went to Nems > Nagios Core to look at it and got this
You will note that the start time is the time that I entered the outage and the end time is 07:00 NOT 08:00.
I just noticed you post about Regional time so don't know if this need another quickfix?

Anyway, those are my findings...

Hope they are helpful.

Happy New Year!
Heh, well, we're getting somewhere!

I'll put more focus on the Mobile UI during the 1.5 release cycle. Thanks for the report, Ron!

Happy new year!
Thanks. Hope 2019 is good to you and yours.
Thanks Ron. Same to you!