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Full Version: Windows Host Issue / Monitoring OpenWRT
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Hey Guys - 

I ran into NEMS today when looking for the best method to monitor my lab's network - hopefully with a raspberry pi.  I have installed the latest version and everything looks to be in good working order.  I have tried configuring a few things, but so far have had limited luck and have been unable to find up to date guides online.  Below is an issue I am having as well as a question, please...

Issue Monitoring Windows 10 Host
Using NCONF, I added a Windows 10 host and selected just the default "windows-server" template for now.  Once done, I generated the config.  I then installed the x64 version of NSClient++, entered the IP of my NEMS server, cleared the password, and selected all options as described in this post. Once installed, I double checked the INI file to ensure all looked good, then restarted the service.  Back in NCONF, I deployed the generated config.

THe host appeared in Nagios Core, is pingable, and it is able to fetch "Total Processes", however it throws a Critical error for all other services stating "connect to address and port 12489: Connection refused " in the template.  I've tried restarting the NSClient++ service again and have no firewall in Windows but it can obviously talk to it somewhat.  Any suggestions for resolution?

Monitoring OpenWRT
The main reason for me trying this out is to monitor my LAN if not only my router.  The router is a Linksys 1900ACS which runs an up to date version of LEDE (OpenWRT).  I've found a few packages which may be installed for Nagios integration like this one and this one related to NRDP, but honestly don't know which I should use (if any.)  Package aside, when adding it (presumably as a "host") in NCONF, do I add it as a Linux host, router, or other?  If you have any suggestions or links to share, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and assist!

Update #1
I was searching a bit more after posting and found an article saying that the Nagios plugin for OpenWRT is dead.  It instead suggests using a Monitoring Plugins package.  The package isn't available in the OpenWRT repo, but I could install via SSH if needed.  Does anyone have experience with this, thoughts, or suggestions?  By the way, I'm not just wanting to monitor to make sure the router is online, I'm wanting to basically monitor LAN & bandwidth health so the more data, the better!  Thanks Smile

Update #2
OK, so I figured out the Windows issue.  When installing NSClient++, I didn't have it in legacy mode so it's now working.  Any answers you have for OpenWRT would be great, though.

Thanks again!