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Full Version: Big news coming up.
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We're launching a new partnership in New York which is going to infuse the show with a large number of new viewers, and also allow viewers an easy way to find short clips of each episode.

For example, being able to watch JUST the feature (kind of like the old "The Meat" feature, but more organized) rather than watching the full one hour when the full hour is just not an option.

Hopefully you'll all continue to watch the full show... and we'll continue to include some awesome stuff on the live show that is NOT going to make its way to the clip show.

Anyways, very excited about the growth of the show over the next few months. V3 launches on July 1st, and you'll be amazed at some of the other, untold secrets that will also be launching around the same time.

Category5 TV is stronger than ever in Season 5, and as we get closer and closer to our 5th anniversary show, you won't believe some of the magic!
New York.... What could possibly be going on there? That place is *so* dull.
New York? Oh, I know the big news already:
(04-17-2012, 10:33 AM)Garbee Wrote: [ -> ]New York.... What could possibly be going on there? That place is *so* dull.

They are broadcasting it on the Jumbo screens on Time Square lol

No but that would be epic
Yes, that was indeed a cool day. However, I found the attached more exciting when it happened back in 2009.
lol how did you get it to show on the jumbotron

That picture is just epic.