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Full Version: NEMS Linux distro that can run on Raspberry Pi PC in addition to Pi.
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I just thought this may be possible since Raspberry Pi has a PC distro. I love to be able to use it this way to monitor small network.
I think a x86 version is already planned for the future. I'm not sure why you would want to run a desktop OS on it though.. My concern would be for updates for whatever software you want to be using breaking NEMS..
Yeah, NEMS is a server distro. It's not meant to be run on a "standard" computer - it needs to be on always up hardware.

The Virtual Appliance is the best option for what you're hoping to do, and to ensure it is released, please support the project by becoming a patron. There is also a lot more information on Patreon about what goals there are for upcoming NEMS releases.

This has sort of been answered with the release of the virtual appliance that will run on anything that can run a hypervisor such as Virtualbox ... a really great development for slightly larger companies.