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Full Version: linux package and bashrc add
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after trying around, it would be nice to have "vim" installed by default.

And adding the line "complete -cf sudo" to "/home/$(whoami)/.bashrc" so you get the bash completion of "sudo nems-init", "sudo nems-mailtest" just some qol stuff Wink

LOL - add vim by default. You're such a nerd!

As a fellow nerd, FINE, I'll do it, but only because nerds are awesome.

Re. auto complete, not sure what you mean.

When I hit tab as non-root user, I get the list:

robbief@nems:~$ sudo nems-
nems-benchmark  nems-info       nems-mailtest   nems-update
nems-cert       nems-init       nems-quickfix   nems-upgrade

So what does your .bashrc addition provide that isn't already there?

Haha thanks for vim :D

for the autocomplete i needed to add that to my .bashrc otherwise i didnt had the autocompletion