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Full Version: NEMS SST, Only General Tab Works
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While in the NEMS SST, only the General tab allows me to edit settings. When trying to go to NEMS Cloud Services, Notifications or Optional Services, the page never changes to the corresponding tab. The URL gets a #cloud or #notifications, but the page doesnt actually load up that specific tab.
Thanks for letting me know. What browser + version are you using?
Chrome 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) 
IE 11.523.17134.0 Update 11.0.105 KB4480965

NEMS version is 1.4.1
Raspberry Pi 3 B+

I have reproduced this on two different computers.
Okay great, thank you.

Just to rule out a corrupt nems-www installation, what is the output of the following command:

cd /var/www/html && git pull
Already up-to-date.
I am on the same build of chrome as you, and not experiencing this issue.

Do you notice any other issues with the interface of NEMS' Dashboard? Eg., when you first load NEMS Dashboard, do you see the counters for things like Load Average and Memory Usage?

As I try to replicate the issue you're experiencing, I wonder if I could see your support.nems file? I wonder if it's something specific to your config (eg., a strange character in your password or something).
Apologies for the delayed response.

I do get the dashboard with load average, memory usage etc.

Where is the location of the support.nems file? I do not mind sending it your way.

EDIT: I found the instructions on how to generate a support.nems file. I will send it your way via email.
Thank you for the file.

I can't seem to spot the issue. You have not configured SMTP, so there's no "strange" password breaking config files or anything like that.

Do you have another computer on your network you can try, just to rule out a computer issue? Optionally, would you be willing to allow me to remote to your computer so you can show me first hand the issue you are experiencing? Teamviewer would do fine.

Let me know.

Side notes:

It appears you activated Apache's mod_status, and this is grossly flooding your Apache logs. I'd be careful of this since you're running a Raspberry Pi with an SD card. Unless you're actively using mod_status, turn it off.

I also recommend you remove the swap check on the NEMS host. Obviously a Pi having only 1 GB RAM means you're going to generate a lot of warnings for swap. Just remove it from the linux-servers (NEMS 1.4.1 only - NEMS 1.5 has new checks and it's no longer a problem).
I can reproduce the issue across both of my pc's in Chrome and IE.

I was able to figure out how to remove the swap check for linux hosts, but am unsure of the mod_status setting. I must have enabled that by accident. 

I'd be alright with remote assistance.
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