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Full Version: Web Hosting & Domain Registering
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I thought at a point Category 5 viewers received a discount through Robbie's web hosting service and/or domain registering?

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but thought I'd check here before I google "good deals" myself Smile
Category5 Viewers SAVE on web hosting! $70 web site hosting deal exclusively available to you!
Includes: 1 year hosting + 1 FREE domain registration!
Dreamhost will also contribute to Category5.TV for every successful registration using our coupon code.

Visit Use the coupon code CAT5TV.

From the banner on .
Yes! Thanks Garbee!!
Such a great savings! I just opened an account and I'm glad I'm also contributing to Category 5 at the same time Smile
Thanks phillipguy - yes, it's an INSANE deal!

The new web site has a coupon section & here's the write up about that one (in case you didn't know about some of the amazing things included with that offer!)

Web Hosting
For only $70 you'll get:
one year of carbon-neutral LAMP hosting (Linux, Apache, PHP, mySQL)
one free domain registration
unlimited storage space for your web site(s)
a 50 GB backup account for storing your off-site backup in a non-web accessible account
host an unlimited number of domains on your account at no extra charge (just the cost of registering a domain)
unlimited bandwidth
unlimited email accounts
Use coupon code CAT5TV on checkout

Enjoy, and thanks for your support!
There is also a way you can help pay Robbie's bill on Dreamhost...
Yes, there is an option to donate directly to our hosting bill, but I honestly think it's just as good to get something in return by buying the $70 deal.