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Full Version: Status information in 1.5
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When you look in nagios core, or adiagos, you'll see a status line for each host. Usually something like

PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.61 ms 

That is what get this in my 1.4.1 config.

In my 1.5 I get 
(No output on stdout) stderr: 

I've attached a couple files with screen snips.

Clearly something is rotten in "check-host-alive" or something similar - I have validated I can run the check-ping from the command line, so things are generally ok. The services (as opposed to the hosts) are fine. I think this is also impacting the ability to determine if a host is down.

Any thoughts?

Cannot seem to do attachments. It is the rightmost column in nagios core. Also in adiagos
This sounds like it could be a bug. Is this occurring on multiple hosts? Or only the NEMS sample host?
It is across all of the hosts.
What platform and build are you on?
I'm on raspberry pi. I think you may have a tech dump on this from me on an earlier build.

Hi Jim,
I'd need to know which build you are on.
Sorry - missed this. I had the latest build 6 - when I wrote this. I think the dump you have from me was pre-release.