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Full Version: [solved] webhooks on 1.5 build 6
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I created the connector in Teams for the webhooks and pasted URL into NEMS but how do I actually activate the push?
  • Platform RPi 3b+

  • NEMS Linux 1.5

  • NEMS Build 6

I'm a bit lost.

Thank you
Webhooks are a part of the NEMS Warning Light software. You don't need to do anything more than paste the webhook URL. If the webhook works, it'll simply start working.

Let me know if you have any issues. I've only tested the feature with Discord.

Thanks, Robbie,

I put in the URL for MS Teams but have not received any notifications.

I have d,u,r,f,s in the notification section of the host.

As mentioned, I only tested webhooks with Discord, so we may need to make sure the webhook is compatible. I am unfamiliar with MS Teams.

I'm happy to make it work for you - but will need to work with you to test since I don't have any way of testing it.

Discord was great because they have webhook documentation well detailed. Can you help me test?
I found this, which looks like better docs:

I signed up for Teams.

I created a team.

I don't see the Connectors option next to my channel (General)...

Still trying.
Oh, searching for "External" helped me find the webook app, which I'm now installing to my team...
Typical Microsoft Product:

Something went wrong.
We can't find that group. It may have been deleted. Please verify whether the group exists.
Here's as far as I can get:
Oh phew... after that ridiculously pathetic setup experience, it is in fact working now.

"Category5 Technology TV has set up a connection to Incoming Webhook so group members will be notified for this configuration with name Test"
Alright, I've confirmed MS Teams is using a different webhook format than Discord... ... so I'll release a new feature in NEMS SST to allow you to select the webhook version (Discord / MS Office 365). It may take me a week or so to program it.
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