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Full Version: Ability to add proxy in nems-init
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Hi Robbie,

would it be possible to add a option for fresh installs to specify a proxy server within nems-init and also ability to change on the system setting page?

currently on a fresh install the nems overview and system settings page do not show correctly without internet

Hi sbrock83,
What build are you on? Please see

I would love to know if Build 7 solves your issue -- while I don't have a proxy server to test with, I would imagine the networking overhaul would have added support for it. Please let me know if you're able to find your way and I'll gladly add it to the documentation at

I can play with it later to see, but am not currently in reach of my NEMS server.

Hmm, well, I've been digging and can't find any configs for cockpit-networkmanager proxy configuration... I'll continue to dig but if you find anything, please let me know. I have limited time to look into this until all the 1.5 builds are out. Perhaps someone in the community knows more about Proxy setup and can assist.
This page -- -- says "NetworkManager does not directly handle proxy settings, but if you are using GNOME or KDE, you could use proxydriver which handles proxy settings using NetworkManager's information."

So that looks like a non-starter.

Does your NEMS server have to connect through the proxy for some reason? Since it doesn't have a browser, can you just point it outward?
unfortunately at this site all traffic has to go through a proxy server, i can specify for git and apt manually just would be nice to have a option as part of the nems-init to set both of these
Yeah, I agree. Though it does not appear possible. I'm surprised Proxy config isn't part of NetworkManager.

Since yours is a unique setup, I'd suggest doing what you need to in order to work around your internal config. It doesn't look like something I can introduce to NEMS any time soon since the changes would have to come from NetworkManager. You could put in an 'issue' with them, which I'd gladly +1.

Of course, if anyone in the community knows of another way, I'm open to ideas.