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Full Version: BUMP BUMP bbuuuuuuuump!
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On Garbee's note, anyone running Google Chrome OS? Hahaha! I can see that one. When they fanally get caught, out comes the blog entry: "Whoops, we didn't realize we were collecting all your data".
well it is always possible like facebook tracking where u went online even after u logged off "we didnt know". then "its to keep our users safe"... make sure u delete ur facebook cookies!
I don't know how Chrome OS could even be called an OS before the latest update. Seriously? Only a browser? Google = Nuts.
Garbee... it's beta. Wink
Google = Nuts.... Nothing changes because it might be "beta."
its because they believe that it is to be used on netbooks therefore everything is to be done in the cloud therefore everything can be done with web apps

my only issue is im not rich enough to have a internet conection wherever i go... $100/month...thats twice as much as my home internet
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