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Full Version: Direct Download link available? Can't use a torrent!
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Hi Robbie

I would love to use the latest version, but I do not have access to torrent download. Is there a link to download directly? Really greatful for a response.

same here....
there are a number of downloads via torrent made available, yet you have not specified what version you require. 

  1. Raspberry Pi Build 7
  2. Pine64 3 versions: A64/A64+  / Rock64 / A64-LTS/SOPine
  3. ODROID XU3/XU4/HC1/HC2 - Build 4
  4. Virtual: 3 Version OVA / VHD / QCOW2
If Robbie allows someone to host it for a download I could then make it available.
Hey all.
Just to clarify, I haven't abandoned direct downloads. I'm simply using torrents to help me deprecate the old direct download server so I can move all the files without affecting uptime.

I had to wait until all the old builds were deprecated before I could begin the process, and have already begun setting up a new direct download server.

This was required because our previous download server had issues in places like Germany (that's the main one I heard had issues) and the UK. People in those areas especially (and other areas of the world) were having issues where the direct download would abort part-way through the download. So BitTorrent has worked great to allow me to continue distribution while simultaneously winding down the old direct download server.

I am now in the process of migrating all the new builds over to a collocated server to be able to enable direct downloads to that server.

In the meantime, as Simon mentioned above, it'd probably help to know what you need access to if you need it before the new server is ready. I'm sure I can find a way to hook you up, even if it means a temporary solution.