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Full Version: Attaching LCD screen for small display
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Hi all I am very new to using NEMS so please forgive me if I come off as noob or uneducated im some of my phrasing here.
So I have set up a raspberry pi 3 with NEMS after some trial and error with installing NAGIOS older iteration of 3.4 or so I remember. 
I am aware that this may seem redundant as most of this info is already displayed through the web interface but the nature of what i have planned for my project what follows would be necessary
Im looking to know is it possible to attach peripheral devices such as a small LCD screen and a temperature probe to measure the external temperature and display it on a standard LCD screen for raspberry pi's.
I would greatly appreciate any feedback on this and if there are already solutions to this problem would love to be pointed in the right directions as so far my searching has yielded few results. 

Below is what I have intended to attach to the device

Heh; took me a second to understand what you were saying. I thought you were saying you tried installing Nagios 3.4 on NEMS. :D hehe.

Glad you found NEMS after your first attempts. NEMS is much more current, and obviously comes pretty well setup out of the box.

In order to directly support the two products you list, I'd have to have them on hand for development. Sometimes people send me things like this so I can write the code to make it work.

I've put some work into support for the 7" Pi screen, which looks nice and displays a fair bit of info, but I do like your idea of using this display module.

As far as the temperature probe goes, well, there are big plans with the NEMS 1.6 hardware appliance, and thermal data will be part of this. I'm just raising the funds to begin developing the PCB, and hopefully (I know, it's a long shot) I can have a prototype late this year.

So the things you are hoping for are "possible" - just not yet available. I have to create the software for it, do some local testing, and release updates for people like you to be able to connect it.

And of course, if any developers in the community want to mess around with it, I'm happy to review contributions for inclusion. I'd suggest looking at NEMS Warning Light's functionality in nems-tools, and/or in nems-scripts (on my github) for some direction and ideas.
PS - tell me more about your project so I can understand context.
Hi thank you so much for getting back to me and apologies for the late reply!

Yeah it was quite late when I was making this thread so I probably didnt explain myself all that well.

Essentially I would be using NEMS to monitor network layer 3 switches. 

Like you said NEMS already has a lot of bases covered with giving details regarding temperatures and other monitoring. I was initially using Nagios but i couldnt get it to work properly as i was having issues with the conf files. 

Essentially I would be attaching the NEMS raspberry pi and accessing the web interface to view the network data remotely from a laptop, then when i go into the server room i can view the LCD display to see the temperature of the room via the probe that is connected. Hopefully that clears things up.