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Full Version: [SOLVED] tricky email client/server question
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my family are currently using the isp provided email as our family email address. as is the case with most isp email accounts it is very limited as to what u can do with it and with its storage capacity. as it is a family email account and we have multiple computers we are currently having to use the not so nice web client as it only allows for the emails to be downloaded using POP and there fore emails will be on one computer..

so what i am asking is there a email server which i can have on my home server that can download the emails via POP and then serve them out via imap so i can have the family be able to read there emails on there own computers?

P.S. no i cant use POP3 which might work other than the fact that we always fill our isp mailbox quota then lose emails
Are you looking to do it for free? Or do you mind paying a small fee?
um free is preferable but depends on what a small fee is i guess

ps my home server is running ubuntu server
cheers ill look into it and let u know
um... got this on install
what do i have to put in the hosts file?
ERROR: Installation can not proceeed.  Please fix your /etc/hosts file
  to contain:

  <ip> <FQHN> <HN>

  Where <IP> is the ip address of the host,
  <FQHN> is the FULLY QUALIFIED host name, and
  <HN> is the (optional) hostname-only portion
ok ignore that last post i got past that only to realise i had downloaded the 8.04 version when im running 10.04
therefore the package versions were different

i then went to download the 10.04 version only to discover that there is no 32bit version...
any suggestions?
There's only a year left to 10.04 support. Should you not install 12.04 server, which has 5 years? Just a side note.

If you can't support 64-bit natively, get a Zimbra VM appliance from

This will mean you're using an older version of Zimbra since the newer versions *require* 64-bit.
hmm zimbra does not yet support 12.04 only 10.04
i have a second machine lying around that is 64bit ill give it a go on that
ok so i gave up on zimbra as i couldent get it to install as it kept telling me that the dependencies were un-met even though they clearly were but perhaps a newer version
i have got it working with a combination of getmail to download the emails
cronjob to automate it
and dovecot to serve the emails back out via IMAP
i can now get to the emails via any email client through my home server from anywhere in the world
and to send email i just tell my email client to go straight to my isp

yes it is a bit of a hack and yes im sure there is a neater way of doing it but it works and it is all software readily avalible in the repos