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Full Version: ExpressVPN monitoring
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Thank you RobbieF for creating this awesome monitoring system! Im running NEMSlinux with Rpi 3b+ with version 1.5 and im wondering if can i monitor linux services with it?

Im running torrent box in another Rpi and i wanted to monitor if the VPN connection is online or not (its expressvpn selfbuild service). It automatically disconnects the tunnel when the connection is lost. But i dont get any notification about it unless i check the server. So my question is: Can i monitor linux services with NEMS? If so, can u give me instructions how to make the configurations. I didn't find any threads about this? Thank u in advance! Im also a big fan of your Cat5 liveshow.

My LAN: Hybrid router running LTE and VDSL, freenas, 3 raspberry pi's, HP printer, My Cloud Home, WIN 10 desktop , android TV box and Chromebook&Ubuntu laptop. Also android tablet and Phone.

- Linux noob from Finland Smile
If you are using a router thne router speed monitoring is really important for checking the speed while you using VPN. Whenever you are using the router there are many issue of password you may face. If you need any help regarding that then you go through Netgear Password Not Working for the solutions.