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Full Version: Cockpit Operating System Updates
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Hi All

I have finished installing a fresh version of Nems 1.5.

I have finished configuring all my host's and services and alerting, Everything is working great.

One thing i have noticed is that when i go to Cockpit > System there is 'Bug Fix Updates Available' however when i select 'Bug Fix Updates Available'
I get the following message at the top 'Loading available updates failed' then under that 'Failed to obtain authentication'

I then dropped into terminal and run the following commands
sudo nems-update
sudo nems-upgrade

when asked if i wanted to update samba I chose to leave the current version.
Everything else updated, so far so good i think.

Are we suppose to update nems via command line?
Hi CrispyChicken,

You run sudo nems-update from the command line OR it will run overnight automatically unless you change it in NEMS SST.
Thanks Marshman