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Full Version: Bring your old computer back from the scrap. One thing that makes linux so great :)
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I'm sure some of you have an old computer that was built around the days where XP was god among operating systems back around 2001?
Also i am sure that by now you have a new computer and that old one is never used simple because it's too slow to catch a cold?

Well fortunately there are options out there that you can try that will squeeze the most out of your old machine Smile

Before i begin some of you are probably thinking to yourselfs "I'll just reinstall windows XP" Or install Windows 7.
If that is what you want then go for it but XP catches viruses and worms like a fly catcher and windows 7 on an old machine? Okay the outcome may be okayish but imagine how slow it will be once you install an Anti Virus. Have a long think about it to those who are reading this and considering trying out a linux distro on it.

The one thing that the Linux operating system has that Microsoft Windows does not have is.....

A community that can do anything they want!
By that i mean once Windows XP is finished. You Windows users
who have low powered machines will not have any other option other than switching to Windows 7 Starter or getting a brand new machine.
But.... In the next 10 years i bet that the next generation of Microsoft Windows will be more demanding on resources and PC will be twice as powerful as they are now and by that time Windows 7 will turn in to what XP is now and that is an operating system that is slowly dying out.

Also i would like to point out that. The next generation of Microsoft windows that is more resource demanding than 7 will probably not run on your Windows 7 PC. Those of you who have been around for a long time think about it? When XP was made i remember teachers installing Windows XP on Windows 2000 computers and they were slow! After a year we had new ones. See what i mean?

If you want to empty your wallet then go for it!

Now time to get started.
For those of you who want to make the most out of every square inch of your motherboard then listen up.

As i said earlier Linux Operating systems are not limited in anyway because we have a community that can do anything we want!
Because of that we will never face an Issue like Windows users do.

Open source software enables users to tweak applications to they're liking but i wont go in to it.

Linux Operating Systems.
is open source so the community basically get to do what they want and if some one kicks up enough demand for something some one will eventually do it.

Okay i am going to list a two simple easy to use Linux operating systems

My first recommendation is Lubuntu
Which is based on the most popular Linux operating system Ubuntu.
Very Light weight simple to use and ideal for a slow machine.
You can also try Xubuntu but Lubuntu is better so i'm not going to bother with it lol.

If your computer cant even handle that then you can try Bodhi linux.

This is very ideal for a slow machine only issue i see with it is that you don't get really anything on a fresh install just a file manager and a web browser but it has an application called synaptic which you can use to install Apps.

In my next thread i am going to throw in what makes this two ideal for anybody who just wants to use they're old computer.

Until then

Peace out! XD
yep i installed ubuntu on a old com i had lying round cause i needed to test something before implementing it on my server amazing how usable a 13 yr old computer becomes i did install 10.04 though but its similar to lubuntu is it not?
(05-13-2012, 10:08 AM)pyrosrockthisworld Wrote: [ -> ]yep i installed ubuntu on a old com i had lying round cause i needed to test something before implementing it on my server amazing how usable a 13 yr old computer becomes i did install 10.04 though but its similar to lubuntu is it not?

I tried Ubuntu 10.04 on it it was slow so i installed LXDE on to it and my old scrap pile got brought back to life Smile
I have an old Acer laptop (1.3GHz processor, 1GB RAM, built-in 82855GME intel graphics chip) that I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on. I'd have installed later versions, except that later versions of Linux no longer support the 82855 GME chipset. That, and my baby daughter puked all over it about 2 years ago, and the keyboard is dead. I use an external flexible keyboard, and it works great.

I'd thought about setting it up as a combination FTP and Web server, but my FTP server of choice is FileZilla, and there is STILL no Linux version of the server.