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Full Version: NEMS 1.4.1 cannot connect to update servers
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Hi Robbie,
Been a while since we last crossed paths..
Hope you are well and good.

I have not looked at NEMS1.5 as I have been a bit busy with other things and NEMS 1.4.1 seem to be doing well so I left well enough alone.
Today I rang up NEMS and say this message
Warning: NEMS can't connect to the update servers. Please make sure Internet is properly configured for your NEMS server.

I tried a sudo nems-update.
It did it's pings and then told me it was doing a NEMS Linus update and please wait.

It stayed like that for 3 hours and just seemed to be hung.

It all seems to be working as NEMS TV tells me all is good.

Any suggestions?

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Is Robbie on holidays?
I have updated to 1.5 so not an issue any more