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Full Version: New Site forum
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I made a forum for the 2012 Site Testers. It *should* be hidden to everyone except Super Mod's, Admin's, and people in the new 2012 Site Testers group. Admin's will add you into the group, if you aren't in now, please be patient.


P.S. Everything in these forums will go away once it officially launches, including the testing forum. -- Not users, just posts.
i could see it before logging in
I'm not overly concerned... but yeah, would be good to know the permissions are working?
i can see you, hehehe

maybe because i am tester, enlighten meWink
Yea, see my post inside the hidden place now. Got it working along with a nice note-to-self from making it.
um where is the v3 forum area or aint i got permission?
There is no official V3 forum. I think the guys were just playing around with setting up permissions pyrosrockthisworld

For V3 communications (for now) please just email me or use the Wiki page.