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Full Version: FIXED - NAGIOS Core context help not found.
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In NAGIOS core the context help link (small ? on each web page) returns a browser 404 error when clicked. An example is: http://<IP address>/nagios3/contexthelp/B1.html
Thanks kd4pyr. This will be either a problem with the template or Nagios Core. I'm thinking perhaps the original theme author included some help links to their own help site (my first guess) which may no longer exist.

I will get into the theme code and see how I can remedy this through a nems-upgrade and add it to the list for 1.2.3.
Update - this has been added to the To Do list for NEMS 1.3.
Yet another update:
When I was looking into this issue for the upcoming NEMS 1.3 release I realized it is not what I assumed, but rather are links within Nagios Core leading to non-existent context specific help files which seem to have never been developed. Even installing them, they are just "No context sensitive help has been written yet" pages. So instead, I patched the config to hide those links. In doing so, I have also pushed out the patch to all existing NEMS 1.1-1.2.x devices. So you should now see this issue is resolved on your NEMS server.

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