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Full Version: HI EVERYBODY I'm a big seller and real hacker from America, i have worked for many
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I'm a big seller and real hacker from America, i have worked for many people around the world, believe in Unity. Trust and Honesty is 100% needed in all field of money making



Bulk Buying $300 = 20pcs Valid Cards

USA mix all types bins
USA mix Standart/Classic bins
Mix of Amex Bins

Replacement for only USA dumps .. Other Countries no replace because it valid 100%
Replacement time depends on how many you purchase

<===> Western Union transfer (WU Transfer) MONEY MOVING <===>

(EU,UK,Asia,Canada,US,France,Germany,Italy,Nigeria ,.. Any Country)
Info needed for WU transfers :-

: Full name
: City
: Country
: Zip Code
: Valid email for sending you MTCN info etc

== Western Union RATES ==

$2000 for $170
$3000 for $250
$4000 for $320
$5000 for $400
$6000 for $450

* I transfer minimum $1000 with price $120 first for the time customer
* Please dont ask we about transfer with small amount or for free test . So if you want let start with the minimum rate
* Transfer to > Usa, Uk, Ca, Au, Eu, Asia***8230;and very easy to cash out African
* With MTCN + Sender's details, you can pickup at any Western Union office in 48 hours

I sell Western Union Online Software(Western Union Bug(WU Bug)
Version Latest With an Activation Code :100$

~~~~~~~~~~~ SELL BANK LOGIN / PAYPAL ACCOUNT ~~~~~~~~~~~

- Bank Login : Username + Password Number (full info)
- Paypal Account : Email Address Paypal + Password (full info)
- Have all details for login and i can transfer balance to your account (Bank or Paypal) if you want

* Same price for Bank and Paypal

- Bank US: (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo...)
$300 = Balance $3000
$400 = Balance $5000
- Bank UK: (LLOYDS, TSB, BARCLAYS, Standard Chartered, HSBC...)
$300 = Balance 4000 GBP
$500 = Balance 9000 GBP

<*****>  We refund payment because we trust our work  <*****>

====== CONTACT ME =====

* Contact me via ICQ Address : 780865

* Tele Gram ID : @yannscott

* Email :

___________Hope You Are Here For Real Business My People____________