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Full Version: Planned downtime and expense of new UPS
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We've had several short power outages lately, and as of late our battery backup has not been holding charge, nor coming back online correctly after the outage (requiring me to manually visit the server and turn everything back on in sequence).

I've purchased a new UPS which arrived yesterday. Our Minetest servers are made freely available through contributions, and the $170+ for the UPS is quite a dent. If you can, please throw a little in the tip jar for us.


So that brings me to downtime... this time, planned.

I hope to safely shutdown all servers the afternoon of Saturday July 8th, install the new battery backup, and then have everything back online for players shortly thereafter. The installation will take about an hour. Please expect downtime at some point on that day. I will try to be active in chat if I can.
All done!

Uptime Robot reports: The monitor Minetest Gaming Server ( is back UP (HTTP 200 - OK) (It was down for 14 minutes and 9 seconds).

Under 15 minutes--that's gotta be a record.

So now we have a new and much more powerful battery backup on our game servers. It's not a diesel generator, but will help keep the servers up during short power outages, which we've been seeing a lot of lately.

If you love our game servers, please consider throwing something in the tip jar if you can to help offset the expense.