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Full Version: Are you partial to the custom "dark" theme in Nagios Core?
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I built the "dark" theme for Nagios Core to give NEMS a more modern feel with a bit of responsive layout. Though it's not perfect since Nagios Core 3.5 came out long before responsive design was a thing.

I'd like to know your opinions about Nagios Core's layout as we approach NEMS 1.3.

Do I redo the theme entirely? Are you partial to the dark color scheme, or don't care what colors I use? How big is your typical screen? What functionality breaks on it? Etc.
Hi Robbie,
I generally like the theme. However, I sometimes find it hard to read black text on the dark background eg. when generating graphs the title etc; are hard to read.
Thanks baggins. When you say graphs, are you referring to Nagios Core or Monitorix?
Nagios Core.
Thanks. I'll have a look at this before 1.3.
The Nagios Core theme has been replaced in NEMS 1.3
Colours don't bother me too much..  The modern 'dark themes' are starting to grow on me though.

I value responsiveness and usability over everything else.

Most laptop screens I find seem to be 1366x768, but this is slowly moving towards 1080x1920 in the more recent computers.
Agreed. This is why I opted to wipe the old theme and move to a responsive "light" theme, with the intent to eventually add CSS styles to provide an option of a dark version.