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Full Version: Where Did TPS Go???
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Um, where did TPS go? It was going strong, and then just stopped, but that's not all, the servers are practically deserted, and MangleFox70 does not upload to her channel anymore. What's going on??? If someone knows the answer please tell me.
Hi HammyCaptain14! Thanks for your interest!

Summer is a very busy time for our family, and we usually take a break. This year has been particularly challenging to pick things back up again since we've had many changes at the network (which produces and distributes The Pixel Shadow and also hosts the servers).

MangleFox70, Mortimer and Blackout have all been discussing with me the upcoming production schedule. We'd hoped to kick off Season 3 in October but we couldn't meet that goal. We'll be producing new episodes very soon, and spending more time building up the servers come end-of-month.

Let us know what you'd like to see in Season 3. Personally, I can't wait for BaldNerd to do some more exploring and building on TPS-Domes.

Big Grin
Yeah, more domes would be great I enjoyed those episodes. I think what I'd like to see most though is more minigames and community events, like that parkour challenge you did when you got everybody together and recorded it. That's pretty much what I would like to see from TPS in the future. Thanks for replying so quickly.

Also, check out this airship I made

The airship isn't showing up  Sad

Okay great feedback, thanks! We'll pull some stuff together for you!

Robbie // BaldNerd
Oh, that's weird it shows for me, maybe you could try reloading? And thanks for getting back to me.
No, doesn't work here. Looks like you pasted some kind of embed code for DMP Player? Perhaps try just uploading a picture instead (JPG for example).

Have me on the edge of my seat  Big Grin
Here is the airship in pictures. Enjoy!

[img][Image: screenshot_20171102_113341.png] [Image: screenshot_20171102_113414.png] [Image: screenshot_20171102_113436.png] [Image: screenshot_20171102_113510.png] [Image: screenshot_20171102_113529.png] [Image: screenshot_20171102_113601.png][/img]
That's better! Looks amazing!! Well done!

Which server is it on?
I didn't build it on a public server, I built on a local game I hosted with a few of my friends, not on an actual server.