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Posted by: T0B33 - 08-07-2012, 10:00 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (1)


Zorin OS is a Linux based operating system that is based on ubuntu.

Difference between ubuntu and Zorin? Why should i use Zorin rather than Ubuntu?
Because Zorin OS is bassicly ubuntu difference is that zorin OS has the exact layout as windows 7 so if you are new to linux and you decide to go with Ubuntu you will notice a difference in layout like.
Ubuntu uses the unity desktop here is a screenshot of Ubuntu.


Zorin OS has a similer layout as windows 7 but not just windows 7 it also has windows XP layout.


You also have the option to choose Windows XP Layout. (Not much changes if you select it except the menu and the window list)
Now my own opinion of Zorin is. 
That it is just Ubuntu with Avant and Dockbar X installed and GNOMenu installed
and compiz Fusion and all the desktop effects are already installed.
It also has Wine and PlayonLinux and Wine tricks installed all this are applications that help you run windows programs on Zorin but in my opinion if you are going to use a Linux OS don't mix windows with it because the out come does not allways come out preety. Many Windows programs will run but not all of them.
Zorin also has Ubuntu Restricted Extras installed.
Bassicly all Zorin is in my opinion is Ubuntu that is set up for you.
For some one that is new to Linux i think this is the best solution.
When i first got into Linux i wish i found Zorin sooner would have saved me allot of time.

Okay now enough of that.
Time for security.
As many of you already know Ubuntu is a very secure OS so you know Zorin is safe and immune to all windows viruses. Zorin OS comes with an integrated fire wall to help keep you extra safe.
As many Ubuntu users know if a huge security threat occured that involved ubuntu updates will come in in a matter of hours the same goes for Zorin OS so you know you are safe.
There are millions of Malware programs aimed at the windows OS so you need to install an Anti Virus tool but with Zorin OS you do not.
Zorin OS is perfect for say now a Member of your family does online banking or anything financial why risk using a Windows OS?

Zorin OS perfect for someone who just wants to go online and perfect for someone who is new to the linux world. 
With Windows 7 chances are (if you are running a old PC) You will have to get a hardware upgrade so your PC will run Windows 7. Plus Windows 7 installation disk is at least £200 to get in store. Zorin OS is completely Free. The Zorin team also made a version of Zorin for slower computers based on Lubuntu. They have a version that you can pay for only 10 bucks and by getting it you help support them.

Windows 7 in time would start to slow down. Zorin OS will stay fast years after you installed it. 
With Windows when you get a printer a scanner or a wireless you would have to install drivers by going online using the windows update or using the driver disk provided.

Zorin OS on the other hand with all the printers and scanners and wirelesses i have ever owned i have not once had to install any drivers just plug them in and they work. For someone who is new to a PC who doesn't know how to do any of this well why make their life difficult? Just install Zorin on their machine and with a Windows layout it will be easier than ever to use your PC.
Zorin OS
Perfect for a beginner who wants to enter the Linux world.
Safe no need to worry about windows viruses
Built from Ubuntu so you get the same experience.
Fast and ideal for a slower PC
Perfect for someone who just wants to surf it has everything you will ever need.

Zorin OS comes with Word processor applications and everything you need to do everyday tasks.

New to linux? 
Go with Zorin OS. 

To get Zorin go to this site.

Before you decide to install Zorin take in to mind that you can try Linux without installing. Which is called Live Mode have a play with it and see if it's for you and if you decide to install you can ether erase your hard disk and make Zorin your main operating system or you can install Zorin alongside windows giving you a choice what operating system you want to boot in to when your computer starts up. Smile

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Posted by: cyberSmurf - 05-20-2012, 11:27 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (3)

I'm seeing the following when browsing the beta site (using Firefox 12 on both Ubuntu and WinXP):

Navigate to the "Notes" page for any episode off of the home page. The large 'banner' with the static image and show description is rendered at the top of the new page just fine. Immediately below that are the search box and QR code box, right justified, with nothing to their left. Below the QR code box, the episode video player appears left justified, with nothing to its right. The remainder of the page looks fine.

I realize that its still early to worry about minor cosmetic issues with the beta but this issue is rather glaring. Don't want to find out that I'm the only Firefox user on the beta and I didn't mention this in time. Any other Firefox users seeing this?

Posted by: T0B33 - 05-13-2012, 06:20 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (3)

I'm sure some of you have an old computer that was built around the days where XP was god among operating systems back around 2001?
Also i am sure that by now you have a new computer and that old one is never used simple because it's too slow to catch a cold?

Well fortunately there are options out there that you can try that will squeeze the most out of your old machine Smile

Before i begin some of you are probably thinking to yourselfs "I'll just reinstall windows XP" Or install Windows 7.
If that is what you want then go for it but XP catches viruses and worms like a fly catcher and windows 7 on an old machine? Okay the outcome may be okayish but imagine how slow it will be once you install an Anti Virus. Have a long think about it to those who are reading this and considering trying out a linux distro on it.

The one thing that the Linux operating system has that Microsoft Windows does not have is.....

A community that can do anything they want!
By that i mean once Windows XP is finished. You Windows users
who have low powered machines will not have any other option other than switching to Windows 7 Starter or getting a brand new machine.
But.... In the next 10 years i bet that the next generation of Microsoft Windows will be more demanding on resources and PC will be twice as powerful as they are now and by that time Windows 7 will turn in to what XP is now and that is an operating system that is slowly dying out.

Also i would like to point out that. The next generation of Microsoft windows that is more resource demanding than 7 will probably not run on your Windows 7 PC. Those of you who have been around for a long time think about it? When XP was made i remember teachers installing Windows XP on Windows 2000 computers and they were slow! After a year we had new ones. See what i mean?

If you want to empty your wallet then go for it!

Now time to get started.
For those of you who want to make the most out of every square inch of your motherboard then listen up.

As i said earlier Linux Operating systems are not limited in anyway because we have a community that can do anything we want!
Because of that we will never face an Issue like Windows users do.

Open source software enables users to tweak applications to they're liking but i wont go in to it.

Linux Operating Systems.
is open source so the community basically get to do what they want and if some one kicks up enough demand for something some one will eventually do it.

Okay i am going to list a two simple easy to use Linux operating systems

My first recommendation is Lubuntu
Which is based on the most popular Linux operating system Ubuntu.
Very Light weight simple to use and ideal for a slow machine.
You can also try Xubuntu but Lubuntu is better so i'm not going to bother with it lol.

If your computer cant even handle that then you can try Bodhi linux.

This is very ideal for a slow machine only issue i see with it is that you don't get really anything on a fresh install just a file manager and a web browser but it has an application called synaptic which you can use to install Apps.

In my next thread i am going to throw in what makes this two ideal for anybody who just wants to use they're old computer.

Until then

Peace out! XD

Posted by: Robbie Ferguson - 05-07-2012, 11:49 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (11)

Hey team.
The ad system is nearly in place, which is cool. I still have to lay things out but it's working asynchronously which is what I'd set out to do. Super fast load times.

The new "Ask a Question" is online in V3 and seems to be working fairly well. I'll need to spend a bit of time polishing it, but it's in place at least.

Working on getting to Phase 2 asap, so keep watching the site.

Posted by: Robbie Ferguson - 05-03-2012, 09:35 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (15)

Where my homies at?

Posted by: Robbie Ferguson - 04-25-2012, 05:57 PM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (24)

I haven't been happy with the CDN performance. I mean, happy, but not amazed.

As you see on V3 today, it's all messed up. S3's API isn't accepting the episode images for 240 nor is it getting the new JS files... so basically, it's broken.

I'm SURE they'll fix it, but I'm also sure I won't have this for even a day. It's a set-back, but I'm cancelling cloudfront and going to instead setup our buckets on S3 and use CloudFlare as the CDN.

Means having to redo our entire DNS, which is a bigger job than you'd think because we host SO MANY subdomains... but I'm going to have to close down some of the old subdomains and change my CDN model so we can meet the demand of our growing audience.

Bear with me as V3 will seem stagnant while I work through the CDN issues.

Posted by: ajamison - 04-18-2012, 09:22 PM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (3)
Posted by: phillipguy - 04-17-2012, 11:21 PM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (6)

I thought at a point Category 5 viewers received a discount through Robbie's web hosting service and/or domain registering?

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but thought I'd check here before I google "good deals" myself Smile

Posted by: Robbie Ferguson - 04-16-2012, 09:18 PM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (6)

We're launching a new partnership in New York which is going to infuse the show with a large number of new viewers, and also allow viewers an easy way to find short clips of each episode.

For example, being able to watch JUST the feature (kind of like the old "The Meat" feature, but more organized) rather than watching the full one hour when the full hour is just not an option.

Hopefully you'll all continue to watch the full show... and we'll continue to include some awesome stuff on the live show that is NOT going to make its way to the clip show.

Anyways, very excited about the growth of the show over the next few months. V3 launches on July 1st, and you'll be amazed at some of the other, untold secrets that will also be launching around the same time.

Category5 TV is stronger than ever in Season 5, and as we get closer and closer to our 5th anniversary show, you won't believe some of the magic!

Posted by: cyberSmurf - 04-15-2012, 11:04 AM - Forum: All Things Geek - Replies (2)

Just curious what other viewers consider the best IRC clients to use for the Cat5 chat-room. The web based IRC client offered by Freenode (the one that the Cat5 website links to) certainly offers an easy way to get into the chat room, but the chat features are somewhat limited.

There are a lot of multi-protocol IM clients that support IRC, and a few IRC specific ones. I'm curious what others are using, and what are the key features that make your choice attractive to you. Pidgin is open source which makes it very attractive, but is Pidgin the hands down winner? or are there others with key features that Pidgin lacks?

I am not a heavy IM user so I don't stay current on the alternatives for IM clients. I'd appreciate the insights of other viewers.


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