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SNMP Script with Nagios. can it be used with NEMS?

Hi there

I am new to the forums and learning the ropes with NEMS Linux.  I must say so far loving the application.

I have a few Qnap NAS's and ws wondering if I can use this script for NEMS Linux and if so how do I go about using it?


I trying to find SNMP documentation but finding it had to find any conclusive help.

Thank for any Help.
Regards Simon

Welcome to the forum & NEMS Linux! Glad to have you here  :)

If you post this in Feature Requests, it will probably make it in to NEMS 1.5.

Check commands require I do some customization to the database - so it's not like installing it on Nagios. Eventually there will be a user-serviceable way, but for now new check commands have to go through my development lab  :)
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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