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Random Images - ajamison - 03-12-2012

Was playing the game Mass Effect 3 and I just bought the coolest looking armor I have seen so far in the game check it out

[Image: ME3_Terminus_Armor.jpg]

Not to mention it boosted my attack power greatly!

RE: Random Images - Garbee - 03-12-2012

* Garbee loves armour that looks good.

RE: Random Images - Robbie Ferguson - 03-12-2012

Alright, here's me on Planet Calypso...


You better think it's awesome, 'cause it cost me a small fortune and took weeks to find all the components.

RE: Random Images - Garbee - 03-13-2012

That amour doesn't look like it has much space inside, but looks very good.... Still a waste of money. Wink

RE: Random Images - ajamison - 03-13-2012

I like my armor pic better Smile

RE: Random Images - Robbie Ferguson - 03-13-2012


RE: Random Images - pyrosrockthisworld - 03-15-2012

just to add to the party here is me in runescape...

initiate flame war!Tongue

RE: Random Images - ajamison - 03-15-2012

Ah runescape I remember our nephew playing that 11 years ago

RE: Random Images - Robbie Ferguson - 03-15-2012

Unbelievable; that takes me back. Nice Pyrosrock; thanks! Smile

RE: Random Images - Garbee - 03-16-2012

Dude Guilded Armour is such a waste of money.