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Wirecast - ajamison - 03-14-2012

So I was looking at wirecast just out of curiosity to see more about it. It costs a lot of money! Did you actually spend 1000 $$ to buy the pro version Robbie? I wanted to stream some of my games and wirecast offers desktop streaming but for an hobby type of thing even the regular version at 400+ $$ is expensive.

Any ideas on an inexpensive option (or even free) that can stream the desktop and sound for this kind of thing?

RE: Wirecast - Robbie Ferguson - 03-14-2012

Just get a Ustream account and use Ustream Presenter (I think that's what they called it?) It's based on Wirecast.

Yes, you'll remember we didn't always have Wirecast... took a long time to get there. We used to use ManyCam.