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NEMs via POE - JatBee - 03-10-2018

This may fall into the "incredibly obvious category", but I found it to be useful.

I am running several RPis (one with Nems) POE via a simple adapter. Like this one. (there are alot of these of various makes and features. No connection to this one, except it works). I'm also tinkering with the POE Hat for Rpi - to the same end.

My switches at least (ubiquiti) seem to have no issues. I know it may not be the most elegant thing - but it is close, and gets the job done. It makes Nems even smaller footprint and easier to deploy.

As a related note, since we're on the topic of motioning, this also works quite well (even with a pi zero)with Tshark or something similar for packet capture, particularly if your switches can do mirror port.


RE: NEMs via POE - Robbie Ferguson - 03-13-2018

JayBee - I absolutely LOVE this idea! Great suggestion, thanks. I'll order one of these for testing and then add it to our supported hardware.

Thank you,