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2 issues - wizerdo - 03-13-2018

Thx for all the great work, I initially ran into problems with my harddisk not having the right rights, that seems to be fixed!

However lately I ran into 2 problems.

- the first being that the transcoding fails after only 20 seconds. If I install plex manually etc and not using plexpi I dont seem to run into this problem.

- the second being that the default transcoding file seems to be located on the microsd card, so it will wear out the card faster. When i try to change this in plex and manually try to alter the transcoding file to my external harddrive the problem remains, even after service plex restart and rebooting the whole system.

Do you have any suggestions?

RE: 2 issues - Robbie Ferguson - 03-13-2018

Hmm, good call. Where would you like to see the transcode file placed? The Pi has such a limited amount of RAM, it makes it tough...

What are the specs of the file that stops playing after 20 seconds?

How much spaces is free on your SD?