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No folders on External USB (ExFat) - Davilico05 - 03-21-2018

Hi, I'm using PlexPi v 1.2 installed yesterday

I plug on mi RPI a External HDD (with power) on ExFat format. In PLEX interface, show the name "1TB" but inside no folders show.

If access through FTP, SFTP or plug HDD directly in other computer, the contents is there. PLEX detect HDD but nothing inside

¿What happen?

[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_03_21_a_las_10_56_35.png]

[Image: Captura_de_pantalla_2018_03_21_a_las_10_56_12.png]

RE: No folders on External USB (ExFat) - Robbie Ferguson - 03-26-2018

Are you 100% sure you downloaded 1.2 and not an earlier version?

If you are positive you are using 1.2 (as this was an issue with 1.1 but was fixed), please send the output of this command: ls -lah /media/pi/1TB

As a side note, you need to rename your files as they do not conform with PLEX naming conventions.

For example, you must rename "WestWorld 1x05.mkv" to "WestWorld S01E05.mkv".