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My story and a couple of questions about Backups/Updates - sjlockley - 04-06-2018

Firstly Robbie I want to add thanks to making this build, its an amazing project and you have made it even better!

I ran my Plex Library from an old iMac for a couple of years wasting a lot of power so decided to get an old NAS that could run Plex, then realised it didn't support the latest Plex updates I was disappointed so I dived into setting up a Pi with Plex whilst storing the media data on the NAS, your video with Geoff really helped me out on Christmas day and after a long session of setting up the meta data I had a library again.

I have messed a few times and killed my library so its been good to have a backup img file of my libraries but the problem is the size of the files and MacOS are tricky to backup and flash. I discovered a great little app called Etcher and decided to try your new PlexPi image and it flashes fantastic, but when i back my image up Etcher doesn't let me flash it.

So what I am asking is what application/process did you use to backup your Pi build to the img file? I would like to retain a backup of the library database which is easy enough to use Etcher to reflash if needed.

And in regards to updates how will these work with existing builds? I have been ok running the get-apt updates for the standard build but I really hope I can get all your additional functionality when you release new versions.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work  Cool



RE: My story and a couple of questions about Backups/Updates - Robbie Ferguson - 04-06-2018

Thanks for the kind words. I'm so glad you like PlexPi so far... it's still just a wee baby, but lots of great features to come!

To create the image I use my own custom version of rpi-mkimg. I created it for NEMS Linux, but use it for all my Pi images. It's open source, just like practically everything I do...

Documentation is probably slightly out of date, but the syntax is (as root):

./ /dev/sdc

... where /dev/sdc is the card and is the output file (must end in

It's destructive. Until you are confident it works on your system, please create a "normal" backup first.

You'd need to expand the filesystem at first boot if you use my tool since it's designed for creating distributable images, not backups.

And if you're one of those sad people who use Windows instead of Linux, I'd suggest trying win32diskimager to backup your card.

All the best!