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Unable to Connect - andyk1 - 04-08-2018

Hi Robbie,

I burned Plexpi 1.3 using Etcher onto micro SD card which went fine. I put the micro SD card into my Rasberry Pi 3 B. I connected to Cat 5 into my router and powered on.

I am now on my Windows 10 Laptop and attempting to access the Plexpi by typing in the IP address that my router lists as plexpi

If I type into my browser, I get an Unable to Connect message.

If I type into my browser, I get a white screen and the Plex Icon in the address bar, but nothing else.

If I use CMD line to ping I get good reply, no losses, so it's there, I'm just not able to see anything in my browser.

Using Firefox 59.0.2

Any ideas?


RE: Unable to Connect - Robbie Ferguson - 04-09-2018

Hi Andy,
The correct URL in your case is

I'm working on a better interface which will come out probably with 1.4.

All the best,

RE: Unable to Connect - Shep - 04-23-2018

If you are having the same issue as me (which it sounds like you are) then your plexmediaserver service is not running.  And I have not been able to figure out why.  I ran some suggested commands, but never heard back as to the solution.