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check_win_service syntax - jamesjhare - 04-09-2018

I'm trying to setup a monitoring check to check the status of a single Windows service out and I can't seem to figure out how to get the results I want. What is the syntax for the check_win_service check command?

RE: check_win_service syntax - Robbie Ferguson - 04-09-2018

The Nagios instructions are at but I have yet to translate this to NEMS NConf. Do you understand how to do this? If yes, please report back your results and I'll implement it in the docs. Otherwise documentation for this will be during the 1.4 release cycle.


RE: check_win_service syntax - marius - 12-04-2018

Is there any documentation about using this check_win_service script now? What is the syntax of it?

RE: check_win_service syntax - Robbie Ferguson - 12-04-2018

There is no documentation yet for this command.

See syntax: