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A very beginner question... - cgdean25 - 04-21-2018

I am as a beginner as one can be.  I can successfully install Raspian and play a little bit but that's about it.  I've tried the long way in installing Plex, but then came across PlexPi.  As stupid as this question is, how do I set this up?  Do I need to have Raspian installed or do I wipe the card and install the package (which I've tried to no avail).

Please advise.  Thank you!

RE: A very beginner question... - thunder2k - 04-23-2018

you can just flash the image on your SD card and you're good to go!

Of course, you'll lose everything you have on the SD card when you flash the Plexpi img file.


RE: A very beginner question... - cgdean25 - 05-05-2018

I did this and got the server running, but is Raspbian supposed to be running on it to be able to add media, etc.?