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PlexPi Update - Buck_M - 06-18-2018

After some initial problems with DIY and PlexPi automatic install I got things running and I'm loving it. Thanks

But I noticed there was an update to PlexPi and I downloaded it but when I tried to install it failed. 

Failed to install. 
One of the selected packages failed to install correctly. 
More information in details report.

don't know where this report is found?

Buck_M - Buck_M - 06-20-2018

What a dummy Confused

The update of course was a Plex update not a PlexPi update.

RE: PlexPi Update - TheGadge - 07-09-2018

Did you install the update for plex then?

I'm getting a password error on raspberry on the user pi to even INSTALL the bloody update! Why would it not be just raspberry??