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PlexPi Mobile - NerdusOptimus - 06-22-2018

Starting a thread to discuss how to install and configure a Raspberry PI with PlexPi so that it can be the main Plex server at home and easily transition to a mobile Plex server for streaming content on the road.

My Hardware:
Raspberry Pi 3 B+
128 GB SD flashed with PlexPi 1.3

My Plans: Looks like it might be as simple as performing the following to start AP Mode and the inverse for Standard Mode.
sudo systemctl start hostapd
sudo systemctl start dnsmasq

Has anyone already accomplished this and if so do you have any advise that would help me along.

I will update this thread with progress.

Nerdus Optimus

RE: PlexPi Mobile - - 09-30-2018

while I have not done the steps you stated. I have downloaded the plex mobile app for my android device. The only downside to that I have found is that if you dont subscribe to the plex premium stuff you can only stream from android for 1 minute then it stops the play back. Although I am able to access the media fully from my in-laws vizio smart tv. I haven't tried casting from chrome on a computer yet.
Hope this helps

RE: PlexPi Mobile - thunder2k - 10-02-2018

You don't need to subscribe to plex pass, just buy the app from the app store (5€ once off)