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Scheduling Downtime - ronjohntaylor - 07-04-2018

Using 1.4

How do I schedule downtime?

I have tried using Adagios using the following method.

  1. Bring up a list of Hosts
  2. Select Host that I want to schedule
  3. click on Downtime icon
  4. enter data in window that comes up
  5. It seems to take command and tell me to refresh browser 
  6. I refresh browser and select downtime to display list of hosts scheduled for downtime but list is empty?
Question 1
Is my process correct?

Question 2
If it is what's wrong?

Question 3
If it is incorrect then what is correct process?


RE: Scheduling Downtime - ronjohntaylor - 07-09-2018


No replies?

This is an important part of monitoring.
It eliminates false positives.

For example, I was advised by my Internet Service Provider that they had a maintenance window and I might experience an outage.
It would have been ideal if I could have set up a scheduled down time to stop any false emails being sent.


RE: Scheduling Downtime - Robbie Ferguson - 07-10-2018

My Adagios implementation still seems buggy... but I really like it.

I can take two approaches:
1) work hard to ensure all main features (like Scheduled Downtime and problem acknowledgement) work on Adagios, or
2) scrap Adagios (for now?) and set Nagios Core's interface for control... perhaps even dedicate more resources to continuing to improve the Nagios Core interface (which I think I've got PRETTY GOOD already on NEMS).

What would you all prefer?

RE: Scheduling Downtime - ronjohntaylor - 07-10-2018

Personally I like Adagios too and think it is more intuitive than Nagios Core.

However, for me, bottom line always is functionality.

I am happy to use Nagios so long as I know the process to follow and it works!


RE: Scheduling Downtime - ronjohntaylor - 07-22-2018

Is there an update on what is happening here?

RE: Scheduling Downtime - Robbie Ferguson - 07-22-2018

Hi Ron,
You'll see in the commits on the web site that I've been working on the Adagios issue. It's yet to be fully operational, but it's fast becoming my top priority now that I've worked through some of the early 1.4.x bugs.

I should either a resolution or a solution by the end of the week, if all goes to plan.


RE: Scheduling Downtime - Robbie Ferguson - 07-22-2018

Hi Ron,
More news based on a patch coming out later today:

[1532274419] EXTERNAL COMMAND: SCHEDULE_HOST_DOWNTIME;NEMS;1532274413;1532281613;1;0;7200;robbief;test
[1532274461] HOST DOWNTIME ALERT: NEMS;CANCELLED; Scheduled downtime for host has been cancelled.
[1532274488] EXTERNAL COMMAND: SCHEDULE_HOST_DOWNTIME;NEMS;1532274483;1532281683;1;0;7200;robbief;test
[1532274488] HOST DOWNTIME ALERT: NEMS;STARTED; Host has entered a period of scheduled downtime

Looks like a fix is coming sooner than I thought!

RE: Scheduling Downtime - Robbie Ferguson - 07-22-2018

Hi Ron,
This is fixed. Thank you for encouraging me to focus on it today.

Both Scheduled Downtime and Alert Acknowledgement are fully functional in both Adagios and Nagios Core (though I recommend choosing one or the other).

Quote:***** NEMS Linux *****

Notification Type: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT
Host: Hypervisor
State: DOWN
Info: CRITICAL - Host Unreachable (

Date/Time: Sat Jul 21 15:55:42 EDT 2018


RE: Scheduling Downtime - ronjohntaylor - 07-22-2018

Hi Robbie,

adagios don't seem to be working as it should.  All Hosts & services used to have a green slider which is no longer there???No Hosts or services reported?
see attached screen dump
I did 
sudo nems-upgrade
sudo nems-quickfix

I have run Nagios and it seems to be reporting as it should but have not tried downtime or comments

PS your access is still there if you want to look.

RE: Scheduling Downtime - Robbie Ferguson - 07-22-2018

Hi Ron,
Thanks. I'm done for the day and will have to look at this tomorrow. Please try the basics like restarting your NEMS server since the update was pretty significant, and let me know if that fixes it. Otherwise, please ping me again tomorrow so I can review.