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Bitbucket - Garbee - 03-29-2012

I just found BitBucket. It is an awesome hosted Git service. It allows for private repo's (but with limited contributors.) That isn't a big issue with myself who just needs a private server for my personal code.

GitHub still rules for public repositories. It has a much better interface and more users, but if you want just a few personal repo's, BitBucket is worth looking at.

RE: Bitbucket - Robbie Ferguson - 03-30-2012

With all the "Twit" and "Git" services, we ought to get in on that bandwagon and rename the show "dork" or "hick".

RE: Bitbucket - Garbee - 03-30-2012

Git is an awesome Version Control system. Hick might be a good name for the show, a little more catchy it is.