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Filezilla - mhernandorena - 09-09-2018

Hi Guys, i have a new one for you. i'm trying to connect to my Pi via FTP to send some files instead of moving my external hard drive every time.

when i try to connect i'm using this info:

IP address 
username pi
password: plexpi1

but yet i get an error saying: 
Error: ssh_init: gethostbyname: unknown error

Error: Could not connect to server

also tried with putty with this info:
SSH Access:
Username: pi
Password: plexpi1

same issue. any ideas?

RE: Filezilla - thunder2k - 09-09-2018

Hi, you should add plexpi.local with its IP address to your hosts file.

If you try directly with the IP address it should work.