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Email notification - Help required - xtreme010 - 09-12-2018

Hi Robbie et al

I'm hoping this is me being stupid but I cant seem to get email notifications to get generated and sent (and thats not because everything is up on the network)

NEMS SST has been configured correctly (thanks Robbie!) and I can get test emails using nems-mailtest.

In NConf i have configured everything that I can think of to get emails generated and in Nagios I can see the settings appear to work as per pic 001 attached (under Reporting > Notifications).

However when i look at /var/log/sendemail.log it doesnt show the email being generated, nor does /var/log/sendemail?

Any ideas as to what I am missing please?

Thanks in advance!

RE: Email notification - Help required - Robbie Ferguson - 09-13-2018

In NEMS NConf, click "Show" next to "Contacts" and then click the pencil next to your name. Is your email address entered correctly?

I'd have to actually see your config, but one other thought here is that these are going out nearly at midnight. So your notifications are probably set to "work hours" - check the service template you're using (eg., Host Templates -> Linux Servers - or whatever template you're using for these hosts) and ensure your notifications are set to 24x7.

Also, of course, ensure that w is one of the selected notification options. See

If still stuck, send me your support.nems and I'll tell you what's up.

RE: Email notification - Help required - xtreme010 - 09-13-2018

Thanks Robbie

The working hours are all fine as its all set to 24x7 at the moment.

The email address looks ok too, Im sure im making a small mistake somewhere but have been over it a few times now and can't spot it.

I'll get the support files generated and sent over shortly.

Many thanks!

RE: Email notification - Help required - Robbie Ferguson - 09-13-2018

Sounds good. Happy to see what I can find for you.

RE: Email notification - Help required - xtreme010 - 09-13-2018

Hey Robbie

I got it working! It turns out that if the password has a symbol (i had a #) in it then for some reason it does not work. If I remove the # it works fine.

Maybe worth verifying from your end if that's the case too?


RE: Email notification - Help required - Robbie Ferguson - 09-14-2018

Hmm, that makes sense. Nagios passes the password along to the smtp mailer, but the hashtag may break the command.

Thanks for letting me know.