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How to link Patreon account - mydogboris - 10-01-2018

I signed up for a monthly Patreon support account but am not sure how to link it to my forum account?  Also how do I get the OSB license key which I should be eligible for at my support level.  Thanks!

RE: How to link Patreon account - Robbie Ferguson - 10-02-2018

Thank you for your support, mydogboris.

The community forum is just that: free community-based support. On Patreon, you PM me (@NEMS). There is also a post on the NEMS page (visible only to Patrons) that outlines ways to reach me for your priority support.

When you sign up as an OSB user, I always PM to setup your account. You will have already received a PM from me requesting your HWID, and your account has been activated.

If your priority support question(s) would be of benefit to the community, I would suggest first posting them in the forum, and then PM'ing me the link to the forum thread. That way I know to attend to it with high priority, but the community benefits from the discussion.

If you are ever having trouble getting through to me, the quickest way for priority support Patrons is through PM on the Patreon platform.

Thanks again!