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Alternative to NEMS on other HW? - Toby - 10-02-2018


NEMS looks like a great plattform.
Unfortunatly, i do not have access to multiple RPI.

BUT, i do have access to about 100 thin clients (lenovo thinkcentre M53.)
They are decommisioned, but still in good working order and have a better performance than RPI.

If there was a way to easyily put NEMS on them i would prolly do that.

So, unfortunatly i have to look elsewhere this time.

Do you have any suggestions to what i should put on them instead?
Something i can run almost out of the box, as great as nems?  Wink

I do have a Nagios setup already:
Have a nagisxi server.
We use it primary to check that the services is up from a costumer Point of view.
We have about 10 small WIN-servers placed in diff. server rooms throughout the "county" to be able to provide an accurate picture.
The servers reports in using NCPA.
We also have 5 laptops set up on different smaller locations(Health centers), relaying data with NCPA.
I would like to Exchange the laptops(and increase number of mes. points) and maybe ncpa with something more stable.
Maybe Nagios, and some form of distributed monitoring.

I found something called FAN,
But it looks "dead"?

Or a regular nagiosinstallation with thruk?

All suggestions are welcome!

Spelling errors due to English not being my primary language. Wink

RE: Alternative to NEMS on other HW? - Robbie Ferguson - 10-02-2018

Hi Toby,
May I suggest you take a different approach? I have always welcomed hardware contributions to help me build NEMS on platforms the users desire.

For example, one user wanted to be able to run NEMS on his Pine64 A64+. So he sent me one. The timing was right, so it was only a couple weeks later when he had a working copy of NEMS, and now the community is all the better for it, since that image is now available for everyone to enjoy.

So if you truly have a large assortment of these devices, and if you believe they could make a good NEMS server, perhaps the best approach would be to send one for me to test with and see if I can create a good port for you.

Just a thought. Your call entirely.

There is nothing like NEMS that is not NEMS.  Tongue  I'm biased. Haha!


RE: Alternative to NEMS on other HW? - Toby - 10-03-2018

I will take that in consideration when choosing my path.

Meanwhile i need to figure out distributed monitoring, a centralized view for them all.
If my Nagiosxi can work as that or a secondary machine is needed.

RE: Alternative to NEMS on other HW? - Robbie Ferguson - 10-03-2018

Please see this thread: