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I love NEMS Linux - infocon - 11-21-2018

Hi Robbie,

I just want to drop you a note on how exciting I am finding NEMS linux. I have been trying to use Nagios since v3.x (back in the days on and off) to monitor networks for the longest time. But, because of the complexity of putting together all the different Nagios supporting programs to work seamlessly, I have abandoned using this platform for network monitoring. I know it's powerful but it's too tedious to implement. Until now. You have put together something that just make it a lot easier to utilize this platform. I just want to give you a BIG Thank you for making this happen!  Big Grin


RE: I love NEMS Linux - Robbie Ferguson - 11-22-2018

Aww, thanks Joe! Means so much, and I'm SO glad I've been able to inject some excitement back into Nagios for you (and made it usable)! Thanks for the kind note!

RE: I love NEMS Linux - infocon - 11-22-2018

I am also putting together my document on how to get NEMS Linux running with nsclient++ on windows. I took many screenshots. I think this can help others getting NEMS running quickly monitoring windows devices using check_nt and check_npre. If you like to use it for your documentation, I don't mind sharing it.

RE: I love NEMS Linux - Robbie Ferguson - 11-22-2018

That'd be amazing! Thanks! Email it to me when you're done and I'll give you creds on the documentation page.