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PlexPi Buffering pls help - oosgearoo - 12-01-2018

I previously posted that I had no success with Plexpi 3 It turned out to be the bord of the pi was US in the end it would not run anything.

I have install plexpi 1.3 and have updated the image "Sudo apt-get update...."

I now am able to play movies over the local network(hard wired) to plex running on a pc, however,

I am left with a lot of buffering on the pc end! 

Ive tried downing the resolution on the player(pc) but still get buffering.

Iam wondering if altering the amount of memory to gpu has or will have any affect on buffering? 
Also considered booting the pie just to the command line and seeing if I could run it(server) from the commandline?

I also wondered what was causing the buffering Pi/network/win10???????

Plexpi3B+ in operation and windows 10 in operation.

RE: PlexPi Buffering pls help - oosgearoo - 12-02-2018

Just a quick one this program plexpi does not like files in MKV format
change them convert them to MP$ and they play just fine.

@RobbieF work to get it mkv available.

RE: PlexPi Buffering pls help - ShorkYun - 04-21-2019

Hi, I don't know if this is any help as I had the same issue on my firestick it would say my connection wasn't fast enough.

I installed Kodi and the official Plex video addon, it plays all the files without the need to convert them. I think the issue was conversion not my network speed.

Hopefully this solves the issue on Windows pc too